Cat Vaccinations; Cat Vaccination Schedule & Guide

cat-vaccinations-300x300Cat vaccinations are the processes of growing and developing the cat’s body defense system, with goals that cats which have been given vaccinations are protected from contracting infectious diseases, until there’s not onset of symptoms, or to limit the process of pathogen infection by infectious agents.

In practice, the vaccination programs are done to protect cats against specific diseases caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. Against other infectious agents, like parasites, for preventive vaccination is still under development to be effective. Continue reading

Cat Age Converter

cat-age-converterCat Age Converter.

Surely you’ve wondered how long a cat can live, If our cat is a human, how old is it now?

Average Cat Age.

Most of cats can reach the age of 11-12 years. Cats who live inside the house (indoor cats) usually live longer than cats that live outdoors (outdoor cats). Indoor cats can reach the age of 16 years, some even reaching 20 years. The average outdoor cat’s maximum age is 8 years old. Continue reading

Cat Mating Season; Stages of Behavioral Changes

cat-matingIf you want to breed your cat, you must know when the breeding or mating season of the cat is.  And note also when the breeding season occurs in a year.

A major factor in cat breeding is the cat female lust. If female cats have signs of mating behavior then it’s time to begin the breeding.  There are 5 stages of behavioral changes in cats for mating which are all related to the female cat.

Stage of the cat mating season: Continue reading